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'lo. i never intro'd myself when i came so i thought i might as well.

the name of this community alone is what got me here, "sane" is nice to find. healthy discussion, dorky as it may be, still is better than arguin about something only one woman at her typewriter in London can solve. the shipper wars are a tad distrubing to me. you don't need to pull out a box cutter just cuz someone doesn't agree with you.

me? well i ship H/Hr. but i think Ron's crush is adorable. and i agree w/everyone else that my world won't sink when and if my ship does.

the reason i ship? it seems to me the only really big question left in the books. i mean, yeah, we all wonder who's gonna die and everything but i do believe Voldemort will be defeated even if Harry dies completeing it. but do we honestly know whose gonna end up whose baby mama? naw. it's the only thing, to me, we're still truly in the dark about.

so nice to meet yall. =)
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