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My intro

*waves* Hello fellow sane shippers! I'm Kel, I'm 20 and I ship R/Hr and H/G. Although before I joined an R/Hr community I forgot that it was that couple I shipped and joined a H/Hr one instead. As soon as I realised my mistake I took myself off that community, but it made me think that, ya know, H/Hr wouldn't be that bad after all.

So this is my stance on shipping in the HP world:
-R/Hr is my first love. I think they're canon. They make a great pair. No, Ron isn't going to beat her up. My OTP.
-H/G is my second love. She fancies him. She's Ron's little sister, so Harry will look after her. And he saved her life.
-I don't mine a little bit of H/Hr, because they're best friends and they're both pretty, and they'd both do anything for each other. If they end up together, I'm not going to go overboard and drink my shampoo or anything.
-Shipper wars are bad. The Buffy shipper wars were awful, and I don't want to be a part of anything like that ever again. I am *ashamed* that I took part in anything like that, even if I was younger and more naive about stuff.
-Bashing is bad. Just because it's not my ship doesn't mean it's wrong. It's different, sure, but it's just as valid and other people have just as right to ship it as I do my ship.

There you have it. That's what I think abou shipping. :D Oh, and I also love sensible, mature discussion about it.
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