Millions of strange shadows does she attend on (non_canon) wrote in saneshippers,
Millions of strange shadows does she attend on

Random theory time

Okay, so I've come up with this theory, and since it really shines through in the pottercerse ships, I thought I'd post it here. You see, I believe there are two kind of shippers. One is the canon shippers. These are the people who ship what they believe to be hapening in canon, and claim that their ship is the one that's going to be the final ship left standing when it's all over. Then there's the fandom shippers, who ship based on what they think will work best and what appeals to them, regardless of what they see hapen in cannon.

I like to think of my self as a little of both. I ship stuff like Hermione/Ron and Harry/Ginny because that's what I fell in love with the idea of both loves. It doesn't hurt that I see both of them hapening in canon.

So, who out there s a cannon shipper and who's a fandom shipper?
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